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Forward the Revolution (2012)

Lemon Face Films

'Forward the Revolution' is a journey through the modern concept of money and it's worth in today's society.

Worldwide fiscal responsibility is a constant hot topic in the media. Countries are on the verge of filing for bankruptcy, private institutions are defrauding millions from investors, and public skepticism is rising in the global economy.

Raphael Fellmer is a young man who has decided against most modern conventions to strive for a life and existence where monetary income is irrelevant. With previous experience of travelling from Europe to Mexico entirely without money, he has already been made aware of the hardships, which one can face when entering into such a lifestyle.

Forward the Revolution is the journey of one man's attempt to live a simpler life without the restraints of the "all-mighty buck". What is money? And what is its real worth in todays' society?