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Lemon Face Films

This performance was made in Berlin for Cue.

TorpeDeArte is an interactive artistic installation which combines video production and synchronized music to recreate historic and emblematic buildings refreshing their visual appeal for the eyes of the spectators. The idea is to offer a completely new perspective on the buildings, using them as a medium on which to integrate the surrounding natural, artistic and social traits of the city.

The project is based on TorpeDeArte's shared perception of art as an active form of research. We don't believe in a one way path in the creative process. There are infinite means to reach any one end and infinite unimaginable ends awaiting to be discovered. All we need is to establish a creative public platform.
The crowd becomes a basic part of the installation as the ultimate source of the essential form of our projections. The participants are transformed and deformed while maintaining their intrinsic identities.
Through the creative process the projected and physical images merge erasing the boundaries between fiction and reality, art and nature.
TorpeDeArte is the audiovisual celebration of the town's idiosyncrasy. Different installations in multiple settings around the city center with the ultimate audiovisual experience located right in the heart. We transform emblematic streets and buildings giving them an enhanced and renewed value. The lights and projections bring the cold stone to life resuscitating tradition through the modern eye.

In TorpeDeArte's audiovisual COLLECTIVE we don't believe in definite unconditional concepts like truth, perfection or beauty and therefore we don't seek a single artistic end. We believe in the beauty of the interactive process in itself. Our art is born from the participation with the medium and the people. The flexibility of our creative process defines the final expression and frees us from all categorical artistic objectives. We believe in not having a pre-established aim to allow the interaction to produce its own concept of beauty in a dialectic process.
We are the interstellar multidisciplinary and undisciplined Dadaists of tomorrow. We firmly believe in art as the result of the collision of the work and the spectator. The coming together of the essence of the medium and the conscience of the audience.
TorpeDeArte has the only purpose of artistic creation. Each member brings the best of his or her world to our common project, meeting up only for productive artistic creation.
From our first steps as a community it became clear that we had no intention to submit or control our art. We don't believe in the attitude of the autonomous-independent artist who must administer and preside over every single little detail. The richness of our project is the ultimate freedom of what we do. What will be, will be, in a self-determining artistic interaction.