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A.R.G.O The Multimedia Artist (2009)

Lemon Face Films


POKETMÓN is animation, comic strip, video game, web 2.0, social network, design, dialogical art, political discussion and social criticism. It's pure ART, processed and packaged for the whole family. It's a parody of Pokemon and an insight into the nationalisms and social peculiarities within the spanish state. POKETMÓN, in catalonian, or PETTYWORLD, in english, sets out to describe and criticize the creation of barriers that prevent each individual from living and enjoying life with absolute freedom.

POKETMÓN was one of the finalists in Fiction Video category in invi competition.


It's all about establishing a platform for political and artistic debate in the form of this animated parody. For that reason we offer: A website to show the whole Poketmón realm. A community where each and every one of us can become a real Poketmón. A Blog where all the latest news is posted. A forum to discuss the whole Poketmón issue and share new ideas. The opportunity to actually participate in the project as an artist. The opportunity to participate as a producer. A store to unleash the consumer in you and finance our project by channeling the money to our artists.